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Why Vinyl?

Nothing beats cooling down in a cold, clear pool on sweltering summer days. If you've always desired the benefits of owning an outdoor pool, we can help make your dreams a reality.

When considering building an inground pool, the material is one of the first considerations you'll need to make- the options include vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass. While each option has many pros and downsides, we believe a vinyl inground pool is a clear winner.

Why Should You Consider A Vinyl Inground Pool?

Vinyl Pools, Kansas City, Missouril Occasionally, benefits can devote into disadvantages. While concrete pools are often the most durable due to their concrete construction, you should exercise caution if you ever need to fix a fracture. With that in mind, that are many reasons we advocate installing a vinyl pool.

  • Cost Savings on Installation and Maintenance - Expect to pay around $10,000 less for a vinyl pool installation than a fiberglass or concrete pool construction. Additionally, continuing maintenance expenses can be reduced, including less money spent on energy and chemicals than on concrete pools.

    According to some, the cost of changing the vinyl liner, which typically lasts between 10 and 15 years, increases the cost of vinyl pool maintenance. On the positive side, replacing your liner is comparable to purchasing a new pool. However, improving the appearance of a fiberglass/concrete pool can be substantially more expensive.

  • Customization – If you want a custom-shaped swimming pool to fit your yard in a specific style, vinyl is the way to go.

  • Minimal Pool Maintenance — From the simplicity and speed with which a leak can be fixed to the reduced need to clean the vinyl surface, you'll have far more time to enjoy your vinyl pool rather than spend time on maintenance.

  • Fewer Chemicals - The other aspect is that a vinyl pool also needs fewer chemicals, which helps keep the water healthier and safer for use.

Installation of a Custom Vinyl Pool

We will meet with you one-on-one to listen and consult, ensuring that we consider every aspect of your design requirement ensuring that your pool looks great and performs well. We stand by this process since it helps provide a personalized and unique feature, even if it requires a bit of extra work on our part.

Whether you choose a unique form, materials, lighting, or something in between, you can count on us to make your customized inground pool a feature to be proud of. The best part about our custom pools is that they are designed specifically for you. Our skilled staff has been a fixture in the custom pool industry for decades.

We've stayed current on the newest trends and advances in custom pools and look forwards to collaborating with you to provide you with the most fantastic pool experience possible. We'll create a stunning and opulent swimming pool where you can unwind and absorb it all in.

If you need more information regarding our services, please call Sapphire Pools at 816-412-9909. You can also send us your service requests via this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you within a short time to discuss the details with you.
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