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Pools & Landscaping in Kansas City, KS

Inground Pools, Kansas City, KS Sapphire Pools is one of the most sought-after and reputable names in the market, and we have made our mark in this space. Our professional approach enables us to create great swimming pools and outdoor living spaces. We provide the best solutions to guarantee that your outdoor areas are beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting. Our focus and attentiveness ensure that you are satisfied with our services in Kansas City, KS, which include the following:


We are a leading company in this industry, providing unique landscape designs and plans to our clients, and we handle all types of commercial and residential projects. What sets us apart from any other operators in this industry is that we provide cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

We understand that clients need comprehensive solutions under a single roof, and we handle all the installation work based on the plans you have approved. Our team members are highly experienced and can design landscapes that uplift your property's appeal, enhancing its functionality, practicality, and durability.

The designers work with you, taking the time to understand your needs before coming up with plans to meet these objectives. We use high-quality materials in our work, so the final product is well finished and perfect in function and appearance. This detailed approach helps ensure your landscape's sustainability and durability.

Inground Pools

Our company specializes in constructing high-quality premade vinyl inground pools with low-cost alternatives. It is possible to get them in a variety of standard sizes. When replacing an existing vinyl pool liner, we can work with you to create something unique to your wants and requirements. Pool liners come in a wide range of colors and styles, and we can quickly cover the track with a vinyl pool liner.

We fit an overlap liner under the coping strips and install the vinyl pool liner using J-hooks. Our experts will provide information regarding the many kinds and thicknesses of liners from our experts. We provide our customers with outstanding value for their money. Because of this, we adapt our services to meet your exact needs and expectations, ensuring that your vinyl swimming pool meets them all to your complete satisfaction. We keep our prices low while yet providing high-quality work.

Pool Features

We can fully refurbish your vinyl-lined swimming pool if you so choose. In addition to changing the pool's interior finish, you can make several other exciting improvements. This pool can be made more appealing and valuable by adding stairs, a sundeck, benches, and coves, and you can have a functional and attractive pool within the shortest time. Our team is well-versed, skilled, and innovative, so you get unique solutions.

During the consultation, the experts take note of all your needs and provide appropriate suggestions. They'll be able to offer you all the information you need due to the wide range of products and materials they have on hand. An informed decision on what pool features and elements to replace, add, or adjust is possible with this strategy. This combination of reliability, outstanding service, quality products, and materials ensures that your vinyl pool is pleasurable and enhances your home's value.

We offer all these services under one roof when you work with us. We provide the best landscaping, outdoor living, and vinyl swimming pool solutions, guaranteeing that our clients receive exceptional services at an affordable price.

You can request a quote via this Online Form or send us your queries through this Contact Us page, and we will respond quickly. We can provide you with high-quality custom pool features, in-ground pools, and landscape services in Kansas City, KS. For additional information, call Sapphire Pools Kansas City at 816-412-9909.
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