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Pool Features

Pool Features, Kansas City, Missouri Is your vinyl pool liner out of date and in desperate need of a makeover? Have you become bored of aluminum coping and wish to update its appearance? Do you require assistance in straightening buckled pool walls? Do you want to install walk-in steps to your pool for easy access and exit? If you continuously add water to your pool, it may be the right time to contemplate a total restoration.

Sapphire Pools provides extensive in-ground vinyl liner refurbishment services that can entirely improve the appearance and feel of your current pool. We provide a variety of pool feature additions, including decking, coping, liner patterns, wall finishing, lighting, and filter system components to enhance your pool's appearance and operation.

Customized Vinyl Swimming Pool Additions

Even if none of these indicators apply to your pool, if you want to improve the look or functioning of the feature, call us to discuss your options with expert swimming pool remodelers. We are a highly respected company and have a sizable consumer base throughout the region. We cater to all sorts of pool improvements in Kansas City, Missouri, guaranteeing that your vinyl swimming pool is always in fantastic shape.

Our team places a premium on personalization and spends time listening to your demands, swimming pool concepts, and design specifications. We only use high-quality materials, tools, and technology in our job, assuring the beauty and life of your pool. Prompt repairs, restorations, and additions can enhance both the usefulness and value of your pool.

A Variety of Pool Renovation Services

Our crew is informed, experienced, and innovative. Throughout the session, the specialists note all your requirements and give suggestions and advice. Due to the variety of products and materials available, they will supply you with all the necessary information and data, allowing you to make an educated choice about the features and aspects you wish to replace, add, or modify. Among the swimming pool renovation services, we provide are the following:

  • Changing the length, style, and form of the pool
  • Installing pool tile or custom finishes
  • Including a diving board or swim jets for workout
  • The addition of a spa to the poolscape
  • Installing a water feature
  • Deck repairs/replacement
  • Adding illumination to the poolscape or undersea
  • Installation of a vinyl liner
  • Dealing with replacements/repairs
  • Replacement of pool equipment
  • Pool edging installation
  • Repairs/replacement of pool plumbing
  • Adding stairs to the pool
  • Other customized modifications

Solutions for Cost-Effective Pool Remodeling

Once you have approved the ideas and plans, we will conduct the work per industry standards, with minimal disruption to your daily activities. We strike the ideal blend of dependability, superior service, superior goods, and materials to ensure that you have a swimming pool that is enjoyable to use and adds value to your home.

If you need more information regarding our pool features’ services, please call Sapphire Pools at 816-412-9909. You can also send us your service requests via this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you within a short time to discuss the details with you.
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