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Spa, Kansas City, Missouri If you have decided to invest in a luxury spa for your backyard this year, you are at the right place. The addition of a spa provides several physical and emotional health advantages. Additionally, it might help you raise the value of your property if you ever choose to list it for sale. Sapphire Pools is a Kansas City, Missouri-based company specializing in designing and constructing custom spas and Jacuzzis.

We're with you every step of the way, from design and planning to final construction, to assure your pleasure. Kindly contact us soon to obtain a quote. Put our years of knowledge to the test by creating your private sanctuary to match your unique home and backyard affordably!

Understanding How a Spa and Hot Tub Differ

Spa and hot tub are terms that people sometimes used interchangeably. However, they refer to two completely different items. While hot tubs are movable and have their own electrical and plumbing systems, spas are frequently placed in-ground, like a swimming pool. On the other hand, spas are frequently suggested for their health advantages, which go beyond comfort and elegance. We are here to design and install the spa of your dreams.

Advantages of a Custom Spa

Beyond the apparent enjoyment component, spa advantages are numerous. Whether you want to add a regular spa to your pool area or make a statement with a custom spa, our experts can design and build your fantasy getaway. The following are some of the advantages of our luxury spas:

  • There is no question about the tranquility that comes with owning your own spa.
  • Soaking in a backyard spa has been reported to reduce discomfort associated with strained muscles and joints.
  • Many spa owners are genuinely surprised to realize that their stress slips away after a good soak.
  • For generations, water exercises have been used to treat various chronic conditions.

Why Choose Us?

When you engage with us, you'll receive individualized assistance to guarantee that your new luxury spa matches your specifications. Our expert team meticulously accomplishes everything, from the jet arrangement to the seats, lighting, and water elements that help create a tranquil atmosphere. We focus on customization, so you get a feature that aligns with your needs, enhancing your yard’s functionality and value.

Our team works systematically, completing your backyard spa project on time and within budget. The crew has years of combined expertise in this field and will ensure that your custom spa is flawless in every aspect. We complete the project according to industry standards, guaranteeing that you receive exceptional value for money whenever you hire us to build a new spa or Jacuzzi.

If you need more information regarding our services, please call Sapphire Pools at 816-412-9909. You can also send us your service requests via this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you within a short time to discuss the details with you.
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