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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens, Kansas City, Missouri Residential property owners around Kansas City, Missouri, increasingly incorporate outdoor living elements into their properties. They opt to have outdoor living features built, transforming a residence into the ideal recreational environment. At Sapphire Pools, we manage many outdoor installation projects, and most of our clients request outdoor kitchen installations.

An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic addition to any house; it expands the internal areas and gives your property a very spacious appearance. You can also utilize that space to mingle with friends, and you may find that you are less motivated to visit a restaurant or bar whenever you feel like enjoying a drink or dinner with your friends. When your home has such an exquisite leisure zone, you wouldn't feel inclined to seek leisure elsewhere.

Numerous Facets of Outdoor Kitchen Design

We are a local company of skilled designers who can create exceptional outdoor kitchen ideas for you. These will be designed with your home's architectural characteristics in mind. There are several other factors we consider when designing exterior kitchens, including the following:

  • While you want a comfortable-sized kitchen, you don't want it to take over your backyard. Therefore, when we visit the property, we take accurate measurements and provide layouts that balance the exterior areas well.

  • Styling is a critical aspect of the project. While some property owners commission us to create outdoor kitchens for new builds, many clients have these facilities added to their homes afterward. In this scenario, we must ensure that the design, finish, and materials used in the features suit the appearance of existing components on your property.

  • We create one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchens but understand that you need them to be helpful as well. That is why we take the time to learn how you want to utilize this area and which kitchen appliances you wish to install. The designers will consider these factors while planning the space. Outdoor kitchen countertops come in various shapes, including straight, U-shape, L-shape, and C-shape.

  • We make recommendations on which pavers would look best in that space.

  • Our professionals will arrange the outdoor lighting using cost-efficient LED lights as part of the installation.

  • We must account for plumbing for the kitchen sink and stovetops, BBQs, and grills.

  • You have a choice between propane or natural gas. If you choose the latter, we will extend the gas line to the outdoor kitchen from your residence.

We use our creativity, knowledge of materials, and the latest installation technique in our work, so you get stunning outdoor spaces that add excellent value to your home. We'd also need to know if you want an open structure or a semi-enclosed kitchen and will plan the entire space perfectly.

If you need more information regarding our outdoor kitchen services, please call Sapphire Pools at 816-412-9909. You can also send us your service requests via this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you within a short time to discuss the details with you.
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